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In Adele Robots we are continuosly working on creating new products and improving existing ones.

The work we do every day has been rewarded with obtaining EIBT brand. This recognition has been granted by ANCES (National Association of European Business and Innovation Spanish) through which stands Robots Adele as "Technology-Based Innovative Company."

We beleive in Open Innovation and we colaborate with different organizations to take over projects of common interest.

These are some projects we are currently working on.


Fiona (Framework for Interactive-services Over Natural-conversational Agents) is an exciting new online platform to create the next generation of Virtual Agents and Avatars: more interactive, more striking and smarter. [More info]


We are studying the viability to build a teleoperation platform for multiple robots. Since operaing a sole robot is a solved issue, we focus on handling 500 robots at a time, optimizing operators time, robot asignaments and facilitating multiple operations as main project targets.