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Geriatric and health

Adele Robots, according its philosophy of innovation and work in social robotics, considers the geriatric and health environment as an area with one of the biggest growth potential and where robotics applied can get huge benefits for people.

Elderly people, children and the groups more vulnerable are our public target and the improvement of these people’s quality life and generally all people’s is our challenge.

The different products that Adele Robots provides for this area are…

PARO: being a therapeutic tool, Paro is especially recommended to be used in old people’s home, hospitals and day care centre, and its use will be supervised by certified personnel. [More info].

Virtual Robot: Do you need an appointment with the doctor / pediatrician? Do you want to know what you must do before a test? Do you have fever and do not know what to do? No worries about that because Virtual Robot, as a wonderful assistant, could you solve hundreds of questions and could tell you what to do. [More info].