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Who is NEXT Robot?

Educational Robotics is significantly increasing worldwide as a valuable tool for kids to develop social and cognitive skills from pre-school onwards.
Our educational robot NEXT Robot 1.0 is already part of the lives of Spanish children as didactic support and fun activity in the learning of robotics and programming together with other disciplines, and we are determined to introduce it in the classrooms and homes around Europe.

NEXT Robot 1.0 is an educational robot for 3 to 5 year olds.

How can NEXT Robot help children?

Enhancing the development of skills and abilities by fostering research, cooperative work, independence, solving challenges and critical analysis.

Generating strategies, logical understanding of things and abstract thinking.

Acquiring basic programming concepts.

Getting into programming directional language in a fun and natural way.

Combining robotics and programming with other disciplines such as Maths, Science, Arts...